EloBoost Academy

Coaching League Of Legends

The coaching classes are done by discord or at the client’s preference, they have a duration of 1 hour per class, to coordinate the schedule a WhatsApp group is made and we always adapt to the client’s schedules.

Includes post-sale service, where you will meet with the whatsapp group so that in the course of 1 week you can ask questions or queries regarding the Coaching class initial, intermediate, expert level.

Initial level
Aimed at novice players, we are going to introduce new terms and concepts so that you understand what is happening in your games.

7 USD per class

Hire entry level
Intermediate level
A more precise approach to the concepts of the game. Where we know that we are not completely inexperienced but we still do not find an answer to many situations that happen to us in the game. Perfect basic concepts.

15 USD per class

Hire intermediate level
Expert level
We want to reach the top, we knew how to put ourselves above thousands of players but there are still things missing. Despite playing at our highest level, we are not able to win games. Exploit our potential with a thorough analysis of our game in all aspects that can be analyzed.

25 USD per class

Hire expert level

Coaching Monthly Subscription

Includes 1 Coach class + 1 duo match with the Coach per week

We accept all currencies from all countries