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Becoming Friends With Exes: So Is This Normal?

I dated a significant number of individuals, and possibly i am unusual, but i am nonetheless buddies with a lot of of those. Perhaps not «hang completely every week and behave like close friends» sorts of buddies, but undoubtedly the sort of buddies just who get coffee periodically, head out for a glass or two from time to time, want the other person a happy birthday celebration, etc. In fact, a lot of my personal exes have fulfilled my personal current sweetheart at housewarming functions, birthday soirees, etc. and are generally simply among the list of folks I consider friends.

My personal girlfriends believe i’m nuts. A lot of them believe it is the weirdest thing actually ever that we speak to my exes. They feel it really is strange that I go beyond the most common fb stalking, and therefore I would also want experience of them. For a few ones, we agree — we did not stop on good terms and conditions, or this has been such a long time that we could not probably have something in keeping. Another pal claims that I’m asking for a chance to deceive on my sweetheart, and that is certainly incorrect.

So…why carry out I keep them around? For every one, there’s a different solution. With my first boyfriend actually ever, it really is nostalgia. I found myself 15 and young and he ended up being the first individual I actually enjoyed, in a totally simple method. He was my personal first genuine hug, the initial guy we ever before said I enjoyed, and somebody I imagined was great and interesting. He’s nevertheless great and fascinating, therefore have actually recognized one another for half our lives. We aren’t best friends (he stays in a different country) however the unexpected Facebook discuss the existing lives is nice. With another man, we dated extremely temporarily because we identified we’d be a lot much better in the same manner friends. The friendship is really near but completely platonic because there had been never «real» feelings truth be told there. Using my biggest ex, we now have plenty background so it’d end up being a shame not to keep in touch anyway, although we chat thus hardly ever that it is a lot more merely a friendship in name only. I am over every one of them, have already been cheerfully tangled up in my recent union for five years and genuinely haven’t any outrage or unwell will towards these guys.

Typically, I’m somebody who doesn’t always have a lot of drama or grudges. I’ve very few friendships having ended dramatically, and I also don’t have any sworn opponents (uh, that i am aware of). I take the same strategy with many exes (there are just two people I never ever, actually ever chat to) because i enjoy believe We selected good individuals to time, even if we didn’t work-out in an enchanting feeling.

Very tell me: has been pals along with your exes regular?